200 post- Dedicate to my dear sis .

salam eblyone .
it's just only ,
i think 15 hours till the SPM began .
totally i am sucks .
everything i do was wrong .
everything i think was worthless .
i think i want to disappear in this earth liked a wind .
and then invisible my self and lived quiet life on my own world in a wonderland that i created
oke , 
lately i haven't sleep .
i just got a weird dream as i close my eyes and the next day ,
 i don't remember what i am dreaming for .
one thing i remember is :
 i dream about my sister .
my younger sister that have been gone long ago .
just totally her .
i remember her laugh face , crying face , her touching face .
yeah , 
i know making my memory remember the day she left this earth ,
makes me totally zero hundred percent . 
whats going on in my life ?
i know i just stress about my path of life .
i just ...... 
i don't know . 
guys , i have totally achieve 200 posts in this blog .
so , 
today this post i dedicated to my younger sis .

* Dear sis ,
how have you been ?
now i am lonely in this earth , 
no one to story about , 
no one to hear what i am gonna talk ,
no one gave their opinion if i have a hard time , 
i am hopeless .
Dear sis , 
when a memory gone ,
so does the soul , 
is it true ?
i wonder , 
my memory gone lately ,
now i am lonely .
Dear sis ,
i have Allah only left , 
but ,
i just want you by my side ,
why i must go through this path ? ,
why must you go before me ? ,
the kindness that you shown me , 
 when you live in this world ,
makes me feel i am more hopeless .
Dear sis , 
now i am grown up ,
i hope you always pray for me , 
for the best ,
for the exam i am getting through , 
for the result that i will getting for , 
pray for me , 
Dear my sis ,
in there .....*

p/s - all my doubt about myself , getting me more ....... speechless .

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