about Zombie :)

salam eblyone .
long time not see yah ?
rarely update this plainwhitenotSOawesome blog rite ?
i am study hard because i wanted to achieve some of credits for the hard work that i have done lately :)
i am NOT a clever student or so whatever they called genius student in my school .
i am just ordinary girl that love to eat and her hobby is to read books by Hlovate , Kim Harrison , JK Rowling and Stephanie Harrison .
yeah , she is the geek that love fiction books and always imagine fantasy world in her brain .
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , 
today , i am not talking bla..blaa.blaaaaaa , about my self .
today i wanted to speak about one of my friend i think she was the awesome one that i cannot ever beat her in life :)
she was awesome in way she live her own life .
she was totally the best human that i will talk about when i have some problem .
she teach me how to have life in this world
she teach me how to shopping alone .
she teach me how to make ' lantak kaw la , kaw yang buat masalah , aku peduli ape ' face .
she the kind that  just going through her life eventhough she will will face a biggest obstacle in life .
she was my superhero .
she was one and only my friend , ZOMBIE :)
yeah , zombie is back with her awesome writing and awesome story .
she was the one that inspired me how to wrote and make interesting story .
she LOVE John Sena and Taylor Swift . 
yeah , also ...  Maggie T maniac and tutti frutti finatic . 
so , you don't liked her backOFF .
she's my friend .
aku peduli apa kalau kaw tak suka ....
oke , 
-zomb kaw penuhkan inbox kter dekat tagboard , tapi kter tak boleh larh balas balik sebab kaw dah tak wujudkan tagboard kaw . haisssh ==........== -
so , 
to zombie , heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
kter dah update .
alright ?

p/s- sekarang neyh aku lebih banyak guna bahasa inggeris kan . mesti korang perasan yang aku neyh orang melayu perasan nak jadi omputih kan ...[ petikan dari maria elena :) ]

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