# Day 1 : Describe the person that you want to marry someday :)

salam eblyoneeeee . 
Today was the first day i will begin my challenge 
# Describe the person that you want to marry someday :) 
let's begaaaaaaaan ~
first of all ,
 the typed of person that i will marry someday must have the same PERSONALITY as 'Sazzy Falak husband' . 
why i didn't choose Aaron Aziz or  Remy Ishak as my ideal personality typed ? 
it just my taste who ever i want to marry , rite?
oke , i am choosing sazzy falak husband as my ideal typed because he was such a CHARMING person . 
*siggggggggggh , he married now :'|
he makes his wife (Sazzy Falak) a wonderful memory because he throw a shower baby party surprise for his wife
that makes his wife felt so import and yet appreciated what he have done . 
haaaaaaaaaaaa, those typed of feeling makes me felt that i want to marry a man liked him someday :)
Second  , i would liked to marry someone that CAN take care of me
why ?
because i am such a clumsy , forgetful , not the typed that take care everything and i am such a crybaby .  
\when i see children died from hungry , SUDDENLY my tears droppp./
seee , that person must carry huge responsibility for marry me , heeeeeeeee :)
Third , i want someone that ready to wipe my tears , borrow his arm and also get along with my parents
the one that kind and respect older people
easily get along and be friend with many-many-many-many-many people in this earth :)
Fourth , he must be the one that love Allah more than himself and me
the one that always smile and hide his difficulty .
 always think that beyond the hardship thats going on , on his life is the test that Allah given to him 
haaaaaaaaaa, my heart melt when i meet someone liked this :)
Eventhough , he doesn't rich 
 he have the kind heart and always guide me to the truth path , i will marry him , InsyaAllah .
and the last ,
 the one that can shared with me opinion when i am asking , the one that waiting for me patiently when going to shopping , the one that can talk to me freely whenever he want to talked about something, the one that always giving advice to me when i am in the conflict of life , the one that always besides me when i am happy or sad , the one that can survive me when i am always thinking the hardship , the one that gives his hand first to help me and the one that think i was the one BEHALF of him :')
i want to marry that person someday in my life :)
that's all the information of what typed of person that i want to marry .
kbye :')

p/s-when we think we are alone , REMEMBER : there will someone will grab your hand and heard what you will said :)

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