# Day 3 : what do you think of your future will be .

salam eblyone . 
today , i'm belly-belly-belly-belly tired maaaaaaaaa .
Even my hand shaking
excited , being rewarded all happen in one day . 
today story i will keep in next entry :)
Alright , back to the topic 
-What Do You Think Of Your Future Will Be ?-
Anyone does not  know what future they will lead on . 
Even me as a Muslim , we believe in Qada' and Qadar
all the things happen because Allah want it to be . 
so , this topic is just a dream . 
what i dream about my future . 
In the future , i wanted to be a kindergarten teacher
All people around me looking down as it was a 'not-very-profit' job . 
but i don't think so . 
\peduli apa kaw kalaw aku miskin , hhhakkk tuuih/
i think become a kindergarten teacher bring me peace and i LOVE to look toward other innocent looks . 
they (the kids) don't know anything and my job to teach them slowly to know this world . 
i will teach them , caring them liked a mom , become their friend and shared story with them . 
i love become part of them . 
i love to be their first friend . 
i love to be the first teacher that they know
So , i love this job and i really-really-really-really want to be a kindergarten teacher :)
then , when i'm become more matured , i want to meet a guy that know my heart more than myself . 
till then , i will get married and have many-many-many child . 
\because i'm the only child in my family :')/
so , i dream to be liked this . 
later , when i'm older , i want to travel around the world with my husband
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) 
so , this is what i predict my future will be . 
i just want a simple life . 
i want my life lead in truth path . 
i want to meet awesome people . 
and , 
i want to be a great teacher in the future , InsyaAllah

p/s- Zomb have been tagged me , so in the next entry i will answer the tag :)

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