# Day 4 : What was your annoying attitude that you hate to show in front of other

salam eblyone . 
this is a quick update
teheeeeeeeeeee , :)
oke , 
today's topic is about annoying attitude
every human have one or more annoying attitude that they want it to disappear . 
so , i was one of the human . HEHE . 
one of the annoying attitude that have inside me is i LIKE to bla-bla-bla-bla
HAHA , i know it was the best way to be friendly but sometimes i hate myself to talk a lot .
i like talking rubbish but not in a bad word . 
example liked ,
when i'm boring , then my status in FB and Twitter liked this :
'waaa, gua boring tahap gula-gula'
'gua sudah jadi gle macam gler larh' 
seee , myself like to bla-bla-bla until i'm satisfied . 
it's a bad habit . 
then , when i'm nervous , i will bite my finger nail
so , i have bad pattern of nail . 
it's veryyyyy ugly . KEKE 
i have this annoying attitude since young , 
so , i didn't aware when i'm nervous in public i will bite my finger nails .
ahhhhhh *embarrassing*
so , that's all for today . 
kbye .

p/s : today my entry liked haaak tuih . # not in mood a writer :)

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