# Day 5 : If you have 100 Million , what would you do with that money

salam eblyone . 
Long time not see , jyeaaaaaaaah ~
oke , today i'm gonna do the last story of my own blog challenge :)
Lately got busy and busier day by day , so today i got free time and i'm gonna do it . 
let's begaaaaaaaan ~
If i got 100 million moneyyyyyyyyyy , what would i do ? 

First , i will keep the half of the money in the bank . 
Afraid , if i got robbed or bla-bla same thing as got robbed . 
Own Safety . 
Second , i will brought my family (my abah , my mum and mysef) go to Makkah :)
it was the 'WAJIB' things to do :) 
then , i will travelling around the world after that . 
Shopping with my mum , buy the latest gadget with my abah and i will build a huuuuuuuge house in France
InsyaAllah .
Third , i will buy a collection of  Marc Jacobs , Louis Vuitton , Guess , Gucci and all the amazing things in world . 
Also , be friend with them . waHAHAHAHAHA \evil laugh/ 
Fourth , after travelling with my parents and be friend with amazing people in fashion , i will built my own nursery with the amazing technology
all the kids will got the latest technology and my nursery will be top in the world and has amazing fluent to world . 
i will apply the kids with the great teacher , teach them with different language  and the structure of my empire building of nursery will have the amazing structure :) 
oke , that's all i wanted to do with my 100 Million Money .

p/s - when you read my post , i know it sound silly but who know future , rite ? :)

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