i'm Turning 18 .

salam eblyone . 
Everyday i'm getting older and older

yeah , i'm no longer young . 
i'm no longer have a title of a little girl . 
i'm no longer a kid to be take care about . 
i'm no longer belongs to high school life . 

Now , countdown to the new year will be heading off . 
this year ,  i got tons of memory to hold on

this year i know my BFFL
Zomb & Amalin
thanks for sharing with me anything . 
thanks for being my friend till end . 
thanks for teaching me how to be human . 

letter TO , Zomb & Amalin : 
" heyy , BFFL . *Best Friend For Life , thanks for being with me all the time . thanks for teaching me how to survive in life . i got to do many thing with you  both my friend . thanks for always being with me eventhough sometimes i really annoy you guys . i really appreciate it :') "
this year also , i know how to make decision on my own
this year also , i'm taking the most challenging exam that turn upside down of my entire life
this year also , i know how to love and to be love

this year also , the last time that i will meet my friend that always with me along my journey in high school
-Airi , Aly , Sukma , Acha , Ayu , Amirah Husna , Putri , Atikah , Amalin , Iya , Ema , Ain , Baina , Zomb , Peter , Dzarul , Faizal , Zuhair , Ammar , Iwanul , Khairul , Amirul , Najmi , Azizul , Azim , Zahir , Hazuan , Zikri .-

So , this year (2011) will end soon . 
i'm really thankful to Allah to gave me a chance to meet with awesome people along my journey

i will turn 18 y/o soon . 
i'll miss my old self but i welcome the new me . 

p/s -Life must move on . No turning back are allowed but still , memory will keeps on breathing .

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