The last Day , 2011 .

salam eblyone . 
today was 31 December 2011
today was the last day of 2011 .
Goodbye , 2011 . 
Hello , 2012 . 
the new chapter of life will begin tomorrow . 
the new life will lead on tomorrow . 
i'm growing up now .  :')

tomorrow i'm being a teenage girl
tomorrow i'm being 18 years old
i'm a big girl now . 

i cannot act liked a spoil kid now . 
i have to make my own decision now . 
i HAVE too . 

 2011, bring me a lot of happiness and also a sadness
2011, lead me to grown up
2011, gave me chance to know a new people
2011, thanks for being me all this year
thank you . 

also , 
Thank You Allah for gave me a chance to breath for all this 17 years
Thank You :')

p/s-i don't know , but i'm feeling sad cause 2011 will end today

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