my OWN blog challenge :)

salam eblyone . 
the reason why i'm doing my own blog challenge is because i am inspired by one of my BFFL , ZOMB .
hell yeah ! 
her blog full with all the awesome writing and i think i want to do it but on my OWN creation :)
because i am easily getting bored and now i am more bored becoz i don't have things to do , so i think why don't i created the title that can make my day fullllll :)
oraittt , 
let's begaaaaaaan :)

# Day 1 - Describe the person that you want to marry someday :)
# Day 2 - The horrible day that you want to erase from your memory .
# Day 3 - What do you think of your future will be ?
# Day 4 - What was your annoying attitude that you hate to show in front of other ?
# Day 5 - If you have 100 Million what would you do with that money ?

that's all i want to challenge my brain so far . 
 i know it sound silly but i will do my best for the challenge . 
so , till we meet tomorrow
adeyyyyyyos :O 

p/s - Learning to be matured , yet i am still a kid in this huge world :')

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