Running Man .

salam eblyone . 
lately i don't have much works to do , so my job was searching variety show to looked at . 
HIHI , and i finally caught my eyes on this variety show . 
it's called RUNNING MAN

yesss , for all people that read my blog , i truly recommended you alls to download the episodes quickly . 
because , it's flew my stress away and i laughed so hard . 
Daebakkk ~
if i have to choose to gave up a vote ,
i will gave a thousand thumbs up
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ,
recently the member decrease until 7 members . 
but they all AWESOME :)
*Yoo Jae Suk - known as grasshopper . this because he liked to wear green clothes , green shoes , green caps all bla..blaa.. but all GREEN . 

*Ji Suk Jin- known as 'big nose hyung'. the weakest among the member and he smart with gadget although he act liked he don't know anything . 

*Lee Kwang Soo-he being bullied by all the member and always dream to be spy . he built up a group with his hyung (Ji Suk Jin) called [X-Cross-Touched] .

*HAHA-his name unique as his personality . he was 34 years old but liked to play with toys . always brought a toy with him and he was popular with kids . his appearance always involve 'Pororo' and he called his name as 'Haroro' . Hihi. 

*Kim Jong Kook-he was known as Sparta OR Capable Man . his sense for problem and solving things was the booooooooomb great . he weak in front of women . he was the big hyung with Kang Gary & HAHA.

*Kang Gary-he liked to calculate and he was fast to calculate *maybe he own his business. he was a royal toward his Monday Girlfriend (Song Ji Hyo).

*Song Ji Hyo-known as Ace in this group . one and only women and she was quick . Kang Gary was her Monday Boyfriend . oh , she known as Mong Ji / Blank Ji Hyo also . 


p/s-they all the best among the best ;)

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