Very Black Day .

salam eblyone . 
i got zillion of story to tell about . 
but , 
now i'm exhausted

and i don't know what i'm writing about . 
on 3rd Januari , i'm taking exam for my driving license . 
and guess what ? 
i'm FAIL

what a damn result . --"
i got 41/50 correct question . 
and the pass for the driving license was 42/50
when i'm receive my result , i just said in my head watdeeerrr --"
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , 

that was one of my black story in that day . 
then , when when i arrive back home , 
i just realise my sim card was gone . 
it was GONE --" 

my mind was totally blank that day . 
i want to cry so badly . 
but my tear can't came out . 
i don't know what to think about . 
i just....
i don't know . 
and my blackberry phone , still in the shop . 
it's broken

maybe, Allah want to test me with the things happen around me . 

p/s- now , i'm miss my very best friend , Zomb . She's in PLKN now . :')

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