salam eblyone . 
i think i hardly post anything in this blog rite ?
lately nothing exciting and fun going on in my life . 
just turn the same circle day by day . 
oke , 

actually today i wanna to talk about 'moment'. 
when you have finished and graduated a high school liked me , 
then you will understand what story of 'moment' that i talked about today . 

i miss my old moment . 
it's full of laughter and fun . 
eventhough sometimes i can get hurt and sad but it's natural . 
everyone get emotional and i was one of them . 

i miss all about that moment
 a moment when i'm studying when teacher gave us a hard question . 
a moment when i sleep in a class when teacher didn't see me . 
 a  moment when i staring beside window in my classroom . 
a moment when i gossip-ing with my classmate . 
a moment when i felt my friend close to me . 
a moment when , i felt nervous when report card day coming . 
a moment when i laughed very hard on a joke that my friend made . 
a moment when i cry when my friend tell me a sad story . 
 a moment when i tell secret among my friend liked brother and sista . 
a moment that my friend and i made into memory :')

yeah , now we all have different track in life . 
we can never seen each other again liked a past few year . 
it's heartbroken . 

p/s-the best richness is a richness of a soul -Prophet of Muhammad SAW 

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