salam eblyone . 
tomorrow my fate will begin
*butterfly stomach*

it's already 3 months . 
yes , 3 months i didn't see my friend , Zomb *because she goes to PLKN , amalina , my teacher , homeroom teacher , The Coolest daddy ever ! #Tuan Haji Ali :)
and now , tomorrow will change . 

i got the result :
Either i got a good or bad result, i accept my fate 
because Allah have given me a chance to do so . 

so , i have to move ahead
i cannot stuck in the moment . 
the moment that i receive the result .

Dear Allah , YOU know what inside my heart . 
please , gave me a smooth and flying colours result to shown to my mak and abah :')
i already gave to you my hard work . 
please , Dear Allah . Amin 

p/s- But I have Him. Yes. No matter what. Come hell or high water , Allah is enough for me =)

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