salam eblyone .
once , i have my verryyy best friend
but now she's gone . 
makes my life miserable
always alone and just invisible
now , i'm not talking much . 
i'm no longer the 'mus' that you all have known . 
i always sat in a corner and thinking . 
if Allah doesn't love her more , then i will always beside her . 
she left me without a note
without a single word , 
just quietly and gone .
then , my mind that time was completely blank , 
that's why now i cannot attach with people with much more relationship .
i will begin thinking that one day they all will all left me alone . 
she make me phobiatic with people . 
i cannot laugh easily
smile, but it's was not very enjoyful
sad ? yesss i am always the one that hide this painful
no painkiller that will make my heart beat beautifully again . 
it's will remain uncontrollable .
this is my verry best friend .

Allah loves her more than i do
she was really brave to face the truth . 
she smile eventhough she has a pain inside her body
i will always remember her day by day
i will always love and miss you forever , adik . 
 till we meet again in Padang Mashyar :')
InsyaAllah .

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