To Lost To be Found

salam eblyone . 
first of all i want to said congrats to all spm 2011 candidate
Jyeah ! all the pain have been release.

Either you got a good or a bad result , 
you have to accept it
all the things happen in the past . 
you must leave it alone and moved forward to the front. 

i'm also didn't get a great result . 
but i am glad that Allah gave me a chance to take the exam and felt the emotion that coming through after getting the result

Now , i am Eight-teen years old girl
i have to think what path should i go. 
i have to think what should i do in a future .

i have to think what i have do wrong in past and i have to improve it in future, InsyaAllah. 
i have dream that i want to achieve.
so, i have to think how to survive to grab it and fulfill it . 

p/s-Allah will never give up to someone who always pray to Him with all might. 

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