Harry Potter.

Harry Potter. 

the usual name that we heard
the awesome movie that we watch
the magical that gave my childhood fill with fantasy

i love Harry Potter. 

i read this book (Harry Potter) since i was 10 years old. 
this wonderful writer - JK Rowling gave me new inspired to looked life at different way :)

at first i got mad at my abah because he gave me this book as my birthday present. 
when i was that age, i hope that i got a different gift as present. 

my abah gave me BOOK. you know when i mean it's book. 
i just feeling sad because all my friend when their birthday coming, their parents gave them all gift that their wanted. 
so, i ignore this book first. 
one day, when i was alone in my room, i just take a look at it. 
i open page one

i read when harry was left in front of his aunt house because his parent was killed.
then i turned to page two, three, fourth and when i realized i have finished read this awesome book by JK Rowling. 
so, this is how i begin to love more about Harry Potter.

when other children busy playing with other things, 
i sit at one corner to read this book. 
i read often and often until i can memories the plot. 
when my birthday come, 
my abah will buy Harry Potter books as my present. 

at one time, 
when i was eleven , i hope i receive a letter by Hogwart's .

i hope i can be wizard liked harry, hermoine and ron. 

then i can have gryffindor as my home. 

it's was insane dream as a child. 

that's why Harry Potter was my dream world to be. 

Thank You JK Rowling for create this wonderful journey that i thought my self at the time :)

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