Because they are Eg & Teah & Awan

sometimes i wonder
am i alone in this world ?
sometimes i wonder 
does a meaning of friendship ever exist ?
Now, i have got the answer. 
I'm never alone
 from the day i'm born until now, Allah is always besides me.
and now, i have find a friend that always stayed together with me.
 Just before, zomb and amalin always looked after me, 
now. i have gain three more friend .
there are Eg , Teah , Awan. 
they are awesome just the way they are. 
I got to know them more after we all study in a same class. 
Eg, sit besides me 
Teah and Awan just infront of me in the class. 

Eg is stand for Ezazi Ashrri.
Eg is very simple, seriously. because she was the same type liked me. 
 eg like to hide everything and until one stage it burst. 
Also, she awesome in the way she is. 
she always listening on what i'm saying even though half of the things i'm saying is rubbish. HIHI
she, always sending me back when i need to go back early home. she got a car you know. 
she always worried at me when i got sick 


Teah is stand for Fatihah Heri. 
She got the aura that you will definitely comfortable with her. 
always making jokes and i love her soooooo much ;)
when i first meet her i don't think that she will close to me like today. 
i can tell any story to her because she will gave me advice and we can shared everything. 


Awan is stand for Marliyana Zailani. 
Why i called her awan ? because she said to called her liked that. 
she similar to the cloud that can change anytime. 
she have very sensitive heart. 
she will cried when she want to cried. 
she will laugh when she want to laugh. 
at first i think she was the typed that isn't connected to other people. 
but i was mistake. 
she was the typed that cared everything but not her self. 
she got a soft heart wheres not many people got that. 

that's why i'm saying that i'm not alone in this huge world. 
i have Allah, my mak and abah, my sister that waiting me in Jannah, zomb and amalin and  i got my new awesome friend eg, teah and awan. 

p/s- 'A Friend is the place where we can shared everything together'-Musfirah Shalleh.

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