I am fine?

I am nerd at school. 
Seriously, i don't talk with boys and i just chat with my classmate. 
i am just boring to begin with
Sometimes i love to be alone with my self but my classmate always makes me talked. 
Never mind that. 
Just that, 
sometimes being in school makes me...
 i don't know how to describe the word about it. 

Maybe, it's happen that the most of time i'm comfortable is when i'm with zomb, amalin and myself. 
yeah, even though i sit far away from zomb, still she was my best friend. 
Why i choose her because she was the one that teach me everything in my life. 
She was the strongest girl that i have never meet. 
After losing my sister, i think she and amalin was the closest one to me. 
Nowadays , she seems far away. 
i can't reach her. 
it's sad because she now floated away and i just can't grab her..
Dear Zomb, please come regularly to school. 
Don't makes mistake that we have done when we are seventeen years old. 
Don't make memory that was about to go away, comes again.
Lately, i become the center of the class
because i love to talk. 
i am nerd but i'm also talkative
i'm nerd who is talkative. 
that is me. 

to be truth, i HATE it. :/
it's not myself. 
i am not someone that good to impress other people
My homeroom teacher, Cik Puspa always makes my name stand out. 
it's just soooooooooo uncomfortable. 
i hate when my name being called. 
i hate when someone ask me about something. 
i hate when i have to go in front of the class. 
i hate when my name was mention by teacher.
i hate to do presentation. 
i hate teacher who love to being depress with a small thing. 
i. just. hate. everything . now. 

p/s- If what i wrote makes you feel terrible or it's happen to be you, I am sorry. 

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