my friend, my old friend all gone. 
all have been grow up
yes, now i am with zomb only as an old friend. 
they all have gone away, 
left me alone. 

sometimes it's seem that the world is unfair to me. 
i think. 
why did i choose to become liked this? 
lately my post always in this kind emotion 
why ?

i wasn't sure my self also. 
it's just my emotional got mixed up 
so many question in my mind.
i didn't being myself nowadays. 
i just smile when people smile. 
i just laugh when people laugh.  
 i can't express my self well and what  i do is the opposite. 

i miss my younger sister
i miss her so much. 
she was the only one understand me well. 
seriously when she gone, dearly i miss her the whole world. 
i miss to laugh with my whole heart. 
i miss the time when i cry with my whole heart. 
the fact didn't change that now she gone. 
this 4 years actually i lived liked a death person. 
i just follow what people do. 
i. am. tired.
i'm sorry you guys have to go through this kind of writing. 
i just want to express my feeling toward this blog. 
i am sorry once again 
because now i just keep remembering my sister. 
i am sorry . 

p/s-'We will always keep remembering the things in the past as the time goes on'-Musfirah Shalleh

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