A Dreamer

Hello and Assalammualaikum.
'Allah know what the best for you.'
When everything seems to dark, remember Allah will always besides you
Allah gave me light when my life paint in dark.
 The Greatest One, Allah SWT gave me opportunity and my life seem in rainbow again
Life has its up and down.
that what the life meaning. 
When i wish my life to be extend, He gave me hints
When i see the light. He send me the messenger
I read Quran for new hope and He gave me a hope. 
I live for Allah Ta'ala. 
As servant in earth and as a guest in heaven. 
Now, my life is full of colour in pink
my mouth said no but heart said so. 
it's yes. 
currently my heart beating liked crazy for someone. 
it's just the coincidence. 
i. don't. know. why
 i want Allah choose the best for only me. 
the man that beating the heart for only me.
the man that accept me as who i am . 
the man that will be father to my children . 
Until then, 
i will keep my secret heart deep inside me. 
As me the only one and i think a few people that close to me that knows it. 

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