Asking 10 Question To Myself

Hello and Assalammualaikum. 
So, let's begin ;

1- How's life?
*Well, life isn't going well. Sometimes i felt so down and lonely. Yeah. it's my own journey. Allah make my fate liked this . It's Qada' and Qadar. i have to accept it well. So, i tried to ignore the negative feeling and said to my self 'Allah is besides me no matter what.'
2- Are you sleepy right now?
*Yeah, but my eyes doesn't want to listen. 
3- What do you feel going to school today?
*Nothing. I doing everything because of Allah Ta'ala. so, i'm not excited or whatsoever. I just want to meet Shebby and Zomb. they are my twin and BFFL ;*>
4- Reading manga is that so cool?
*Definitely ! It's my awesome way to release stress. 
5- What do you think of your friend in your class?
*They are kinder and always help me with my study. Especially Shebby. I know she didn't have time to read my blog but i really give my thanks to her ;)
6- What so awesome about blogging?
*It's my way to express my feeling. whenever i felt down, angry, sad, happy, lonely or lonely. Everyone have their own way.
7- Do you love what you are doing now?
*I have some regret in past. so, i have to be more hardworking than the past. i love what i'm doing right now. i am okay the way i am.
8- Are you in love?
*No. My heart was badly hurt. My half soul disappear long time ago. i didn't have time to fall in love because i'm busy living my life. 
9- In your future, what your life will be?
*I have a cool husband. Live a successful life. With lot's of kids. Have a master about psychology in kids. Open up my own kindergarten. 
10- If you have opportunity to reverse time, what will you do?
*I will make up the time with my little sister. Make lot's of memories with her. Study hard. Achieve something in life. 


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