Le' Friend.

Hello and Assalammualaikum to all of you. 
it's been a while since i updated this blog. 
today i'm gonna talk about my classmate. 6 Rendah 2
as everyone know my result didn't make me to the university or so whatever. 
but i enter form 6. 
Hell yeah, Form 6. 
the one that everyone endure not to enter. 
who cares ? i enter form 6 to make up my disaster result that i have been achieve when i was in form 5. 
Okay, now let's begin. 

In my class, we only have 24 peoples. Yeah, Twenty-four Awesome people. 
7 boys and all the remain was girls. 
Hadi, Nizam, Wan, Fitri, Sharip, Mirul, Nafiz, |  Zomb, Ain, Shebby, Arfah, Me, Eg, Ina, Maton, Murni, Ecah, Teah, Awan, Ad, Amalina, Gomez, Anis and Puteri.
We all together liked family but sometimes we argue but still we are closes to each other eventhough we have a hard time with other classes -.-

Hadi- One of mysterious boy in class. He didn't come for orientation process but come late after we all finished orientation. He didn't talk much nor looked at girls face. Always keep quiet and do his thing. that's my opinion about him. 

Nizam- He came fly away from Sabah or Sarawak?  I don't remember where he came from :) He didn't liked to smile and always takes his sleepy face in front of other. when doing presentation, he have this accent that nobody have. He looked fascinating when he smiled and somebody have crush on him ! Overall he looks handsome when he smile. 

Wan- He was in the same school when i was in form 5. i don't know him much but someone said to me when i was 17 that his brother was good with grade. Just his brother love to hang out with the wrong friend. Actually am i talk about wan or his brother ? 

Fitri- i was in the same class with him when i was 13 years old. that time he was the smallest boy in the class and not talkative liked how he becomes now. Now, he was one of the funny guy in the class and create atmosphere when we are stressful with our subject. Our class teacher, Ms. Pushpalata always give up on him to shut his mouth. ;)

Sharip- He talk liked Sunyo in Doraemon cartoon. Seriously sometimes he was annoying because of his sound of talking. He was a kind man because he always being helpful for decorate the class and so whatever the class needed just called him up and he will do it.

Mirul- the tidiest guy in our class. i think he was the one that being targeted for getting 4 flats in our exam. He have a deep sound where when he was talking, we will absolutely want to hear more. 

Nafiz- i don't know how to describe him. 

Zomb- She was my BFFL. I meet her when i was in form 3 but get close to her in form 5. i talk lots about her in this blog and you can search it for more info.

Ain- i was same class with her in form 4 & 5 Seri Pagi. Then, i meet her when i enter form 6 again. Ain was so beautiful and graceful. She has this face that everyone will fall in love with her. Seriously ! She so kind. 

Shebby- She is my twin and i love her so much. She was my best friend when i was in middle school. After 6 year we reunited again. i haven't meet her with such a lonnnnnnnnnnng period of time. She's kind, funny and easy to get along !

Arfah- Her figure doesn't make she looked like she was 18 years old. she seem to me liked 'adik'. she so small that everyone think we should take care of her so much. she kind and very helpful. 

Eg- She sat beside me in the class. funny girl, can hang around her with easy. get along with other quickly. 

Ina- She was our president class. Our monitor. When i said that she is our president maybe you guys think that she is scary and cannot get along with each other right? you are totally wrong ! She is very easy-going person. She is very cool  person.

Maton- She has this face and figure liked model. She was a very responsible girl. she love to talk also. she have a blog. do mind to follow her .

Murni- She has this chinese look. she kind and soft to other. i never watch her get angry and do something bad to others. 

Ecah- How can  i describe her? She sometimes looked tomboy but she is very sensitive person. i know that because she bought me cake on my birthday. she take care people around her but in the way she know. 

Teah- She was same type of me! She has a crazy mind and humorous. When she dislikes something she will always hiding it. I can trust her with my secret and all the thing. I love you friend if you read this. 

Awan- She the kind that will defend justice. she love to said word truthfully and always express what she feeling for. She cry all the time but she sweet like sweet. i love you ahhh kawan !

Ad- Her parent owned a bakery. She loves to baked. Her name was so gorgeous Adrin Zulia. Lovely name right ?

Amalina- She similar to my BFFL that went to matriks already. they have a same name and personality. A very hardworking person and can count to her everything.

Gomez- She totally love subject economy. can adopt to her surrounding quickly. She has a very sweet sound of talking.

Anis- She very similar to a sista or mom for my opinion. being with her, you will definitely be comfortable. a very caring person and when you get close to her even more, you will definitely felts that she is liked your family. 

Puteri- She had a chinese blood. Actually her father converted to Islam. so she is Chinese Mualaf children. She seem gangster outside but she is very take care people in the inside. 

i think that's all that i can talk about my friend. they we all awesome in the way they are and in what way, they were passive or hyperactive, we all came together survive the hardship together. 
i love all of you and this is opinion about me to you guys and if i make a wrong word please forgive me. 
with lot's of sincere heart- Musfirah Shalleh.

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