Only Myself.

Hello and Assalammualaikum. 
No more un-private blog. 
This note and blog is only for you- Musfirah Mohd Shalleh
No one can read accept you. 
No one can know what you feeling for. 
Yeah, no more gain followers. 
Just you and you. Yes you are ME. 
Note to myself ;
Dear Musfirah Shalleh
nowadays you seem so... i don't know how to describe it. 
hell yeah. i know you are stress out for your trial - next week , Tuesday. 
But, give a smile eventhough life is harder. 
i know that everyone will left you one day. 
i know you used to be alone. 
Now, you have to do everything alone. 
you don't have any Bffl now because you have been a traitor to one of them. 
i am sorry to Zomb because i have betray her. 
but i didn't do it on purpose. 
but , Musfirah Shalleh. you are the only one know the truth. 
you can't trust people much now. 
Please, don't soften your heart. 
you have to be strong to survive in this cruel world. 
people always take advantage on yourself. 
so, you must protect yourself on your own. 
Please, dear Musfirah Shalleh. 

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