I wish my life is easier.

Assalammualaikum and Hello. 

Sometimes i wish my life is lot easier to live on
Today was the first time i take exam as lower six. 
the question was very hard and i was just 'whatttttttt?!' then collapse. 
KEHKEHKEH. *kidding ;)
BM is quite intresting but the objective question i don't know what i circle . 
Economy ? 
Bleeeeeh. It's damn not cool to talked about it. 
I think i just got wrong all the question. 
when it's time to go back, we have to attend 'Practice BM' in our dining hall in school. 
I just tired and want to get back home early
but, the attendant was taken so i had to stay back and listen bla..bla.. what the lecturer that was incharge said. 
Ok, tomorrow will be history
Actually, history is not bad
It was fascinating how can our old generation makes out the independence. 
i love history but i can't remember the fact to much. 
my brain gonna explode soon and yet i have to study it -.-
i think it was my job as a student
i have to make through of it to achieve victory. 
i cannot play much and i have to think ahead. 
 InsyaAllah i will keep my mind liked that. 
Pray for my success .
 Ameen .

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