Into pieces.

Assalammualaikum and Hello. 

my heart was broken into pieces
the guy that i have crush is married with some other girls that i know. 
Hell yeah. 
My heart is in ache condition and i don't know why it seem liked this. 
i am serious liking him but now it's seem it's just waste of time. 
i want to keep him by all myself . 
Now ,
it will never happen. 

Dear LQ (nickname that i gave him),
i know,  i never tell you how i feel. 
i know, i am coward girl for not confess to you.
i know, you never seem to notice me at all. 
i know, you never know that i always follow you by my eyes. 
i know, you never know i like you. 
But LQ, 
why don't you stay still single ?

Why you married with a girl that is my friend also ? 
Why you never looked around and see the eyes that followed you whenever you go ? 

i have to learn to let go of you. 
as my heart broken and ache, i hope you have a good relationship with her. 
it's just the only way it seem so. 
So, LQ. 
Thanks for giving me a chance for my heart to skip a beat. 
Thank you for everything. 
Thank you & i will always love you :*
Sincerely - Musfirah Shalleh :"(

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