Assalammualaikum and Hello. 

Hello October. Goodbye September.
1st October 2012. 
Many things and emotion happen last month called : SEPTEMBER
As teenagers, sometimes i can't endure the pressure that's coming through
Allah is always with me
Now, #October is coming . 
Dear October, please be nice and kind to me ;) 
i hope i can see more light than darkness . 
i hope this month will bring me more happiness. 
i hope this month i can accomplish what i want to do  
i hope this month i can bring joy to both my parent- Abah and Mak. 
What will happen in this month
  • * Trial for my Lower Six. -PA. Bahasa Melayu. Ekonomi. Sejarah-
  • *Preparing battlefield for real STPM . 
  • *Birthday for Arfah & Eg. 
  • *Endure myself for not goes anywhere and stay focus for my education. 
  • *Less my time for twittering. 
  • *Update regularly in my blog as i know this is my only diaries. 

i think that's all i want to do for this month ;)
So, #October . Please be more generous with me . 

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