changes in life

Assalammualaikum and Hello. 
I got stressed lately and seem all my writing i wrote in the form of English right ?
It's easier for me to express my feeling in English than BM. 
it's not i'm 'lupa daratan' or 'wanted to be some english writer' or whatever you assume me to be. 

It just.. 
So easy for me to write in english. 

Even though, i got some broken-english, you'll forgive me right ?
Let's hear my stories now. 
Now, i'm having down with fever and cough. 
It's so uncomfortable for me to talk or to even stand for a long time. 
I think i'm stressful enough because of assignment and i'm running out of time. 
But this kind of complaint is not the stories i wanted to tell. 
For the last couple of day, i get this dream. 
The horrible one that Allah send to me to give a message to whoever read my blog. 
It was repeated all over again. 
I see in my dream a girl with her hair, someone cut it until it's become bald all over again.
This is because the girl are playing with hijab. 
Sometimes she wear it and sometimes she's not. 
The screaming until the day i woke up was clearly in my ears . 
'help me.. help me.. i'm sinful to You, dear Allah'.
Then, i dream about a boy and he got beaten so awfully all over his body. 
Then one man , wearing a white cloth come beside me and tell me that the boy was beaten because he flirt with girl and then left the girl after he found the girl pregnant with his child. 
He make the girl miscarriage then he left her. 
After that the man (wearing the white cloth) show me various of horrible thing to me that i don't want to write in here. 

I think, why i got this dream repeated all over again is to make me spread to other people to stop doing sinful things to Allah. 
Remember Him always because He was the Greatest One in the universe. 

The earth getting old and all living things will died one day and we have to face Allah. 
Stop doing evil things and remember to devoted yourself to Allah Ta'ala. 
We never know when we'll died. 
Whether we'll died in early young age or until the world will end. 
We never know. 

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