To ; Everyone that read this

Assalammualaikum and Hello. 
When you acknowledge this writing, you may find i have become more matured. 

Being 19 years old lady give me lot's of different vibes in my life. 
Well, how's your life ?
Bad ? Upside-down ? Happier ? Being more grateful to Allah ?
My life is not the same ANYMORE. 
Not the same doesn't mean i'm married or having an engagement or whatever you want to think. :/
Let me tell you my stories. 
Four month ago, i just felt so miserable. 
I have my second semester going on and to think that i got tons of assignment to do make me freak out. 
Actually, YES this year i have lot' to do !
Nowadays i'm in panicking mood because i have to remember the formula on my economy subject. 
I have my MUET test this March , 2013. 

I have to observe for my PA and History subject. 
Life are not going to well for me. 

But, i'm thankful to Allah for giving me such an opportunity to meet awesome people in my journey of my life. 

I got to know so many people and guess what, they are helping me with my life. 

I think this is why Allah make me choose to live this path of life. 
Even though, i'm still confused of what am i going to do, there are so many people that will going to help me when i needed help. 
Now, i always remember behind me , there is still people support me. 
There is still people that loves me even i have changes in so many way. 
There is still someone that accept me as who i am. 
There is still my family, my relatives, my BFFL, my friend and Allah that always protect me. 
Thank you so much to all this people. 
Thank you for being part in my life. 
Thank you for always staying besides me and smile when i'm happy and break to tears when i'm sad. 
Thank you is just the word that can express my feeling but i cannot said how thankful i am. 
THANK YOU . -Musfirah Shalleh

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