H o r r i b l e

Assalammualaikum and Hello. 
Lately, the world seem to be the scariest place. 
There are a few people nowadays, who doesn't have any sense of humanity in their heart and mind. 
As i read through "The Star" newspaper on Friday , the article that shocked me is "teen forced to be father's sex slave."
The things why i'm highlighted this article is not about sex or the things that involving with 'the sex' topic but the father who force HIS OWN CHILD to fulfill his desire. 
i'm thinking, why are human changing so much ? 
As the world become more to technology, human seem to be change into backward and become more to the people who lives in the past and in terms i learned in history is 'jahiliah'. 
what i don't understand from that article is, why those the father could make use of his own daughter, the daughter that have the same blood as him, to have sex ?!
Many question running through my mind as i continue to read the article. 
I keep questioning my self and i couldn't find any answer from all the question. 
I keep questioning ;
"How could the father make his daughter life so miserable ?"
"How can he(the father) face calmly when he was in front of his wife, the mother who labor the daughter ?"
"What does his daughter thinking about him?"
"What can his daughter future will be ?"
"Does the father think about his own daughter at all ?!"
All the question keep repeated and repeated again . 
So, i make conclusion that the father behavior is the same as the animal.
Animals do not have any brain to distinguish his wife or his daughter. 
So the animals just grab any female and make sex and giving birth to it. 
Even the animals love their children but why does this old man ( the father )who have a brain, does not have any  consideration and respectfully toward his own child ? 

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