Human without a name

Assalammualaikum and Hello. 
Do you ever imagine, you are left alone without parents, sibling or anyone?
You are feeling hopeless and hope somebody grab yourself and help you ?
 But , there is no one to help you but only yourself .
One time, a long time ago i have feeling liked that, but today not anymore. 
At one time, i just felt ;
the world does not need a human named Musfirah Shalleh. 
that people ignore me on purpose. 
that i'm too unfortunate compared to other people. 
that i'm lonely and seek a help from other but no one help me. 
the world judge me and blame me for all the mistake other people have done. 
So, i became human without a name. 
I'm invisible and non exist in human presence. 
I seek a chance for a life breathe turn. 
I'm searching and searching what the main purpose i become liked this. 
Then , i meet the righteous way to erase the bad feeling why i felt liked that. 
I start thinking Allah gave me the test because He purposely want me to be close to Him.
To start accept what fate that He wrote for me before i was born. 
To start reading Quran to seek a help from Him the Righteous One. 

Then, after a while, i become more calm and all the bad feeling that i have disappeared in my heart. 
I became once again a daughter that my parents proud.
A cheerful teenagers always smile and keep thinking that more test that Allah given to me is the prove that He want me to become close to Him. 
I became Musfirah Shalleh again and i am human with a name. 
I don't feel confused and scared to the world anymore. 
I don't hide my feeling and i express it all the time. 
Because i think, world is the place the place we can shared laughter, cry in someone shoulder, being happy together, being sad together, and the place where we can make 'du'a' to Allah to forgive our sin. 
I don't blame other people for not helping me but i'm grateful to them because i can stand with my own. 

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