Random Talking

I am a skateboard lover.
Sometimes people looked at me as they disbelief that i have that kind of obsession. 
Well, my appearance make me looked liked that.
I don't cared what other people talk behind me.
As long as i think Shaun White make the skate jump,
 i'm in love with the word ' SKATE BOARD'.
Actually, i liked something adventure.
It's make my heart thump or jump out the chest. 
Seriously, i'm not lying .
I do get those feeling. 
When i'm watching him liked he was flying liked a bird when he make the spin in the air.
'WOW, it was fantastic !'- what my mind and heart saying.
  How i selfishly wish i can make that jump.


I had just finished my presentation for history PBS. 
That's was the end for my PBS for this short semester 2. 
I had to present my scientific result after a few month struggling to make it finish.
It was pretty fun actually and i can gain a lot confident to talk in front of audience. 
I talked fast liked i'm rapping. 
I was 'lewls' and i laugh hard after Shebby & Awan tell me that i talked liked i'm rapping.
I memorized my slide but when we are in front of audience we stop thinking and eventually all my point that i memorized disappear a second i open my eyes to face the judge and fellow friends. 
Alhamdullilah i make it and my examiners gave me a good point i think. 
it's was my first experience to talk louder to gain attention for the audience and they heard me well. 
I sincerely want to thank them for give me the cooperation during my presentation.
Thank You everyone !


Sometimes we need to looked back to our past. 
Not leave it as they are. 
Don't only seek for the future. 
Even though the presence is better, still we need the past for make the present life we lived right now be meaningful. 
Not to forget it, but cherish it. 
As for the future, looked upon it.
Try harder for make your future better. 
As for me, i always missed my past. 
The past that i won't worry about anything. 
Just think about myself is enough and i think the world is just fair for me. 
Right now, i don't think the world is fair to me. 
I have to think for my present life and as for the future.
I will have to forget my past life and not to hope more about the past. 
Not to wonder around and have my vision to the future. 
I'm trying my best despite that i'm tired right now. 
Tired of feeling alone sometimes. 
Tired of the present life i had right now 
Tired for trying my best to have a good future. 
Hey guys, pray for my success. 
I thank you guys from bottom of my heart. 

Sincerely ; Musfirah Shalleh.

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