Hello, to the new me

Do you ever wonder one day you will meet stranger and talk with him/her in a street ?
Do you ever wonder one day you will bump into someone and fall in love in a first sight?
Do you ever wonder one day you will meet awesome people in future and be friend with him/her ?

Well, i'm meet lot's of great people now. 
It's strange how fate meet us together. 
I meet new people and talk to them. 
I made new friend and  i'm totally happy now.  
I'm grateful that i meet them earlier because of my mak. 
I'm truly grateful.
Actually, i felt awkward when i talk with stranger. 
But, when i first meet them, i don't feel that kind of feeling. 
They have going through what i'm going before. 
So, they understand my feeling and they encourage me. 
They gave me advice and sometimes we shared stories. 
I don't felt awkward and i really happy when i meet them. 
They always being hardworking to achieve their dream.
With my program diet, i meet this awesome people. 
Kak Mas, Kak Ana, Makchik MJ, Makchik Nini, Achik Anum. 
They always told me that 'I CAN DO IT' !
When i felt down because it's seem that i can't lose my weight, they said don't worry, give your best shot when you are exercise. 
Eat less things with carbohydrate
Drink lot's of mineral water. 
Be patient. 
They gave me lot's of advice and they want me to be positive.
Life is not hard. 
It's just life have it ups and downs. 
What i can learn from them is they really a positive person. 
Even though people always judge them because of their appearance & physical body, they always looks forward and ignore people that judge them. 
I want to be like them. 
I want to lose weight like them. 
I want to make sure the world see me now. 
I will change my lifestyle. 
I will change my eating habit. 
I will turn my bad habit to a good one. 
I want to be a brand new me. 
Wait and see.
I will !

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