The end and guess what, it's HOLIDAY !

I just finished my semester 2 exam exactly  at 12.30 pm last Thursday, 23rd May 2013. 
I can't explain my feeling.
It's liked a big stone was lift in my shoulder. 
Seriously, when the exam was in progress, i felt that i was a different  people named Musfirah Shalleh. 
I don't laugh, i don't speak with other people, i was in my own world. 
My mak and abah also felt weird that i just so quiet in my room. 
Well, i think that time was the scariest day in my life. 
So, i deeply apologize toward my abah and mak, my friend Shebby now known as Rara (because our madam didn't liked the named Shebby because the meaning. So we decided to called her Rara), Awan, Gomez and Anis because  i ignore them a lot. 
To my other friend, i apologize because maybe they misunderstood me because i became so quiet and i didn't talk with other people.
I apologize. 
Now, everything have been ended. 
I can become myself again. 
Talked a lot, laughing a lot, shared stories. Yes, i will become myself again. 
I promised. 

I planned out my activity for this holiday. 
I want to go to a vacation. 
If mak and abah don't want to involve, i think i want to go with my friend. 
Yes, i think i want to go to Pulau Pangkor, Pulau Tioman and Pulau Langkawi. 
I just want to travel. 
In different surrounding, different people and different vibes of life.
I don't want to stuck at home and do nothing. 
I want to see the world i'm living and i want to see the natural nature.
So, i think i want to go to all the different 'Pulau', snorkeling with ocean life and lives my life in the fullest. 
That was my plan for this holiday.. 
Wish me luck for getting my parents permission. 
 Yeah , i hope i can traveled ! 


Today was my friend birthday . 
I just meet her a year ago but i felt that i know her for a long time. 
Her name was Wan Nurfarhanis Bt Wan Jailani. 
Yeah, she got very beautiful personality, kind, optimistic and have the same brain as me. 
She was honest girl and i really liked to be friend with her. 
To Anis ;
"Happy 19 birthday girl ! I loved you more and more each day as a friend. You are very hardworking and always seem optimistic to all the working that you have done. You have critical mind but that's okay because you always think deeply on what you are doing. You always said that 'just do it' even when the life got difficult. Dear Anis, I hope you always be a cheerful girl as you are now.

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