Dear Abah, 
I hope you are strong enough to fight for your life, for me and for mak.
Fight to live and don't give up before the time.
Dear Abah, 
Even though you won't read what i have wrote in this blog, i hope that my word is reach within you. 
I know it's hurt and pain. 
But Abah, please endure it for the sake of mak and me. 

We don't want to lose you. 
Dear Abah, 
I'm not typical daughter that express my love toward you. 
But Abah, please know this.
You are the true superhero, the crying shoulder for me, the gag man, the backbone in this family. 
I hope you get healthier soon. 
You had an accident which is NOT your fault. 
Someone car had crash into you but Abah you are strong. 
I know you are STRONG.
You lived for me and mak. 
I hope that i won't loose you as Syidah had left me alone in this earth. 
I hope i won't cry in the middle of night remembering you, Abah. 
Dear Abah, 
I really hope i can see you making joke with the smiling face of yours. 
I really hope this is just the nightmare and i won't suffer from it. 
But Abah, 
This is the reality and i had to accept it. 
I try to accept it. 
So Abah, 
Please get well soon and becoming healthier. 
Please, dear Abah...

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