My most ideal man

Sometimes i do get butterfly stomach when i watch movies or drama . 
Yeah, i'm teenagers and i'm gonna through puberty. 
I admit, when i was a kid, i don't care whether my playmate a girl or a boy. 
But now, everything's change. 
I feel shy and embarrassed to talk with a guy or a man. 
Even though, when i was a kid i play rough sport with my cousin. 
I play sport such as football and basketball.
Well, most of my cousin are male. 
So, i do act liked a guy longggggggg time ago. 
Okay, back to the topic. 
My MOST ideal man for now. 
Everyone have their own fantasy to married with someone right?
Whether the man was a rich man or handsome man or have very religious identity within himself. 
 For me here is the guys that make my world shine \puuuuuih/

1. Song Joong Ki 

As you guys see, he was very handsome and i fall in love with him for the first time when i watch 'Innocent Man' last year. 
He got many fan when he was doing variety shows 'Running Man' long time ago but i'm not to attached with him that time. 
But, when i watch 'Innocent Man' i felt that he was the guys that i want to marry someday. 
He got the criteria that i love. \yeeeeayyyy/
He was a little bit clumsy, he was gorgeous even though he will become 30 after few years later, he was very nice with old people, he liked to play with a kid and he had a very sincere smile. 
That's why Song Joong Ki was my first choice of a guy that i wanted to marry ! \I pray to Allah my soul mate like him :)/

2. Go Soo

My heart broken when Go Soo was married to other woman. 

i love Go Soo and i really want a guy like him marry me someday. \I really hope so/
His personality make me fall in love deeper day by day. 
He was a little bit cheeky, he confess everything truthfully, he had a really nice body and face, he got a long finger\ i love someone that got a 'glass' nail/ and he was a good cooker. 
I hope that i get breakfast in bed everyday when i married someone like him someday \hehehehe/

3. So Ji Sub

My So Ji Sub. 
Even though he was much older than me, that's fine. 
I love him the way he is. 
He got a very warm eyes. 
It was a 'sad' eyes. 
He has a 'cold' personality and mystery aura is within him. 
He does not talk much and tell a joke but i do like people like him. 
I don't know why but i really like him. 
I don't even know how to describe him and how the way i fall in love with him. 
I just don't know. 
As i know, he got the charm that pull people toward him. 
That's what make him one of my ideal man \XD/

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