Because i was born today.

When i was a little kid, 
i frequently ask my mom why i didn't come out from her tummy when it was independent day. 
I want to born in 31st August but my mom let me out 4 days later. 
my mom tell me in serious face (but i bet that time she want to laugh) that Allah want me in her tummy 4 days more. 
When i recall the memories,
what on earth could a child ask that question to her mother. 
Now, when i'm already 19 years old, i laugh whenever i remember the question that i asked my mom that time. 
Today, 04th September 2013 is the day i was born as a kid and grow up become little girl and then grow up to become a lady. 
Yes, because i was born today. 
I'm officially become 19 years old girl. 
I'm not a kid anymore. 
I will have to lived my life in my own now. 
I cannot depend on my parents anymore. 
Eventhough it was sad but i have to. 

Today in memories ;
In the morning, i have my ordinary breakfast with milk and bread (butterscotch).
i got wishes from mom and dad, then my best friend zomb and from my ex-classmate batch 2011-2012.  
Then i go to my class and i got many wishes from all my friends. 
I was blushing when they sing 'happy birthday' song to me. 
Yes, i was to embarrassed to looked up because my cheek was red in color. 
But i thank to Allah deep in my heart because He gave me awesome people around me. 
At noon, 
I don't plan anything but i tell Shebby & Awan i want to hang out with them and they agreed to go \yyyyyyyyeaaaay/ 
Then they asked Anis & Gomez. 
All five of us, gamble to go and we hang out, chatting with each other, eating until our stomach full. 
It was fun day even though i see their face almost EVERYDAY. 
I hope we all succeed in everything we do. 
In everything we have done. 
In everything that we force to do. 
In everything ; life or akhirat. InsyaAllah. 

p/s : I miss my dear little sister today. Yes, she have gone for too long. Have been 5 years already. If she alive today, she must be the first person to wish my birthday. Shared with me a stories and whisper to me that she love me the most. Yes, Mursyidah Bt Mohd Shalleh, i miss you dearly. I hope you'll be fine 'there' and wait for me. Remember you are my other half, my other soul and my happiness. I love you to the fullest and you always in my heart.  

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