Being Human

Human is something or somewhat is difficult to described. 
Feeling, expression, anxious, anxiety, curious. 
It's to complicated to tell the truth. 
Sometimes, being human telling us to be humble and not always looked up to the sky. 
Be generous and not always saying that we always right. 
Sometimes, we got this big ego that hidden in down surface of our own heart.
We won't admit that we are wrong and we running away from the truth. 

Yes, indeed i am. 

So, it's hard to accept thing that we aren't sure. 
we have to admit it that WE ARE WRONG. 
Don't feel ashamed. 
Don't feel wrong. 
It's normal that we make mistake sometimes. 
Don't drag the issues for too long because the problem will eaten us quietly. 
Until our emotion dead. 
Until our self dead. 
Until we scared to face the reality. 
Being human. 
It's teach me how to shared pain with certain people. 
Being human. 
It's teach me how to survive in life even though it's complicated. 
Being human. 
It's also teach me how to express my feeling. 
Touch down the surface of nature and lived with it. 
Survive with it. 
get used with it. 
That's how we being human.

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