If I had 24 hours to live


I just listen to Corrinne May song '24 Hours' and i just realise if i just had only 24 hours to live and breath what should i do ?!

First of all, i 'll begging my mom forgiveness because i had to many issues with her. Sometimes i got angry with my mom attitude and we'll argue. Same as typical mom - daughter relationship, sometimes we are good but most probably time we argue. Hahahahahahha.

After that i'll meet somone called my crush. Middle school, high school or university collegue, i will meet them and said that one time i had a crush on them. What reaction would i get for telling them the truth ?

Then, i will meet my friend. My best friend. Shebby, Awan, Zomb, Analin, Gomez, Anis. I will seek forgiveness in them because i know i'm always annoy them. I'll tell them to live their life to the fullest. Never looked back and regret. All decision that we have made is all the life that we will live on. Yeah. Move on.

That all my wishes if i had only 24 hours to live. What would i do? What would i say ?

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