Nadia Sugar & Spice Cafe'

Actually this post have been in my draft for centuries.
I was so busy lately and i didn't have a time to open this blogger and post this entry.
Well, for those who is searching for a place to dine in and have a cozy atmosphere go to Nadia Sugar & Spice Cafe'.
It was worth it !
For me, i am seeking for a place which have a very calm atmosphere and i can eat my food without everyone staring at me.
I am to shy for those staring. Puuuuih :P
Back to the stories.
Nadia Sugar & Spice Cafe' was located in Ipoh Garten (or Garden?) i'm not sure.

I am with Zomb when i was dining in this cafe'.
I am out of space because this place is so beautiful .
Even when i'm back i was posting all the picture that i have captured to my instagram and promoted it.
Even Zomb said that i was possessed with that cafe. Hahahahaha.

So this is my quick review for the cafe ;

Atmosphere : 5 stars. Cozy and beautiful surrounding.
Food : 4 stars. Because the menu was new and it have to improve more.
Service : 4 stars. The cafe was just open and have to improve somehow but the owner was so friendly
Price : 3 and half stars. But their muffin is delicious, yummy and cheaper ! RM 3 only ! Grab it now !
Location : 5 stars. Easy to locate and got lot of parking.

That's was my opinion with this cafe'. Somehow it was so fun for lepak-ing with Zomb there and for your information, when we were testing with the food, we just got back from Secret Recipe and full. But desire win. We tried the food and fall in love with it. For further information, just go to my IG ; musphigah.

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