Well, if you do read my blog, you will surely know what i'm writing about. If you don't know just read my previous post. Today, i'm gonna talk about my dad accident. I think that time i was seriously want to cry out loud but you know what, my body was very tired and i can't think of ANYTHING. God, you will never experience what type of feeling that i got when i heard my dad was in an accident. My world was upside down. I'm just the only child and i don't know who i'll tell. Coincidental, the day my dad got hit by the car is when my school had an event and i'm involved in it.

20th June 2013.

I will never forget the date of that day. My dad involve in an accident when he want to get back home from his work. My aunt was the first one to get the news that my father was in an accident. She was the eldest one in my dad family. She was an older sister to my dad. Her middle son passed away because of car accident. So she become so anxious and i think she recalled what happen to her son is happening to her dearly brother. Luckily, my aunt house, my grandma house and my house is near to each other. So, the news was spread fast. The scariest part is when the caller that called my aunt is not my dad. The caller is someone else. Someone that helping my dad from the accident. That's why we all worried and i'm thinking at that point maybe my dad is gone forever.

After i got the news from my aunt, i didn't tell my mum yet. My mum is a teacher and she teach in the evening. She has not come back home yet when i heard about my dad. She got back at 7.30 pm that day. I still wasn't sure what type of reaction that i'm making despite i am the only one know my father is in an accident.

Later, when she see my awkward smile and i tell her to be patient to what news i'm gonna tell her, then she started to crying. I think my mom know that her soul mate is in an accident. Yeah, she know something is going on to her husband. When i see my mum crying i told her that she must listen to my aunt the whole stories. I don't have a courage to tell her the truth.

After that, at 8.00 pm my uncle brought us to the hospital. That time, in my heart i was praying, "Allah please saved my dad. Please.. I don't want to lose someone that shared the same blood as me AGAIN. Allah, please listen to my prayer. Please.. don't make my scar even bigger anymore". When i enter the emergency room, my dad is NOT my dad. He had all the wires around him and the shocking thing is i DON'T even recognize my dad. My dad was cover in blood. My dad face was cover in blood. My dad eyes was wrap in the white cotton. He could not see anything. Blood was flowing in his head. That time, i said to my dad, " Abah, Firah neyh.  (holding my dad hand and tears drop from my eyes)" . I couldn't bear to see anymore. My mum is the strongest person that i ever seen. She did not cry when she stand still besides my dad but later after the doctor, nurses and even MO said that we cannot wait in the room because the want to perform surgery than my mom cry. We sat still in the waiting room until 3.00 am in the morning the next day.

My dad had to perform surgery in his eyes, in his ankle, in his legs and my dad had a major operation that day. My dad lose about 5 palate blood in his body. The normal human blood in body is 9 but my dad just had 4 palate. The doctors all worried to perform the surgery because they worried if they perform surgery maybe my father blood will even drop more but i thank to Allah because He listen to my prayer. My dad surgery went well.

When my dad is out from the surgery room, he did not wake up. Maybe because of the morphine effect. When i see my dad was out from the operation room, i was crying. Yes, indeed i was crying because i thought i will lose my dad. The pain that overflowing is gone as i see my dad. But, my dad is not my dad. My dad is different. His face have changed dramatically. Because of the surgery my dad have scar below his left eyes. At first i didn't believe it but i think by the time goes on, i said in my heart he is still my dad and i am grateful because he came out from the critical point and still breathing.

That's why now, i won't ever forget the pain i felt the day 20th june 2013.

p/s- Pray my dad will become healthy fast and recovery from the injuries. 

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