The reason

Now everyone have their own twitter. Well for me. I DON'T HAVE ONE. Long time ago i do have one but i have DELETED it. I'm sorry to my friends and followers but twitter given me somehow called obsession. I was pathetic and even pitiful when i have my own twitter.

The reason ;
1. I cannot concentrate on my study. My mind is full with everything else. Seriously ,  my life that time is seriously sucks.

2. I have to update my status every minutes and second. If i didn't updating my status i felt so uncomfortable.

3. I have been stalked with someone that i hate. Seriously i hate him so much until i can't breathe. He stalking me and i hate the facts that he know everything i'm doing.

4. I don't have life as a human. Everyday, every minutes, every time, i'm always with twitter. I don't see everything around me. I don't speak much with my family because i was too busy updating my status.

Actually, it also my fault because i do make my profile public. So, everything i tweet whole world can see it. That's why i make decision to give up on my twitter and actually after doing that, i feel so relief and free. Liked a bird was out from it cage. That's why now i'm only active in blog and instagram only. I become more careful in choosing social connection because sometimes social networking gives us negative effect later.

P/s : Follow me on my instagram. Search name 'musphigah'. That's me ! Tell me you are my blogger friend & i will approve you. Oh, 5 more followers will give me about 500 followers. Okay, i LOVE my followers. Sorry for grammatical error. Only using my phone to write this post.

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