Today in memories.

Because i don't what title that suitable with this post. On 25th December 2013, yesterday we celebrated Rabiatul Adawiyah a.k.a wiyah birthday. It was just randomly celebration and i'm surprised that too many people came to the party! Alhamdullilah, the party went well and everyone was satisfied with it. As you guys see in the picture, i give wiyah a cake as her present. Wiyah is known as my cousin. But she is more then a cousin. She was liked little sister to me. The reason is her face is too similar to my late younger sister face. So she is closed to me. She have been my roomate for about one month when my house was in the middle of renovating. So many stories i shared with her. My sorrow, my joy, my happiness i shared with her even she was just a kid but i express my feeling a lot to her. Hahahahaha. So, for wiyah i just want to say : 

Happy 14th Birthday, Wiyah ! Kak firah love you and will always do. Be a good daughter to both your parent and be a kind sister to Akif. I will pray that you will sucess in pmr next year because i know you can ! At last, remember kak firah and smile always eventhough life is harder :)

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