Journey in January.

It's been a while i used english as a medium to deliver my thought in this blog. Pardon my gramatic error because i do not practice to use english daily in my life.

Well, this year i turned 20 years old. I am soooooo not little girl anymore but more likely to be a lady. \i laughed hard when i type this sentence. Hahahahaha/ This whole month, January 2014 - i do nothing. Yes, i repeat ; NOTHING. As i waiting my result to come out this March i tried everything to lose on weight. And guess what. I DID IT. Eventhough, i just lose a little amount of weight, still i looked exactly as i am. Weird right ? Maybe my mom said that my metabolism in my body just run very slowly. Okay, i just trust what my mom said. Apart from determine to loose weight, i did not try to seek anything and i just make my bored life to the maximum.

Oh before i forget, i used to liked drawing or art when i was a little. When i enter high school, i choose account as my path in life but it won't worked out as i expected it to be. Then later on, when i was waiting my result liked this time, my passion slowly come again. I started drawing and coloring. Allah, it was worth a shot when i post my picture in instagram. Many positive comment i receive back then when i posted my picture there. Alhamdullilah.

At the end of January, on 29th January 2014, i was hanging out with my best friend Zomb. We go out and exchange stories to each other. We both also love shopping online. \Hahahahahaha/ When it time for  a lunch, Zomb suggest that we both should tried to eat at Seoul Garden. Eventhough, the tomyam there were suck and lack of taste still it pleasure to eat there. It feel like we are eating at home and we got to eat as many as we want to. After that we go shop for our kitchen supply. I just bought cookies because i am too lazy to cook. I remember that Zomb and i fighting to take over a stoller. Hahahahahahaha. We must be some kind mad women that time -..- Later on, on our way back we bought ourself a reward. Starbuck coffee. Zomb suggest that i take Coffee Mocha if i'm not mistaken. For her starbuck coffee i don't remember the name.

That's all the piece of January that i recall to remember. Happy Chinese New Year to the people taht celebrate this celebration in this earth !

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