Well, this month is little bit depressing month, for me as i'm waiting for the result.
UPU result.
I am not quite sure am i qualify enough to enter university.

As i'm searching for motivation words, then i looked up into someone instagram. 
Her word is so beautiful and it make me nearly cry. 
She gave me such a strong punch in face. 
Seriously, her words is so truth. 
Liked what is the hell i'm doing in my life ? 
I said i wanted to change, but what exactly changing that i'm searching for ? 
The unknown instagrammer have made a place in my heart. 
She really liked a motivater and i think she know what exactly the purpose in life. 
This is one of the strong punch of words that i get when i hooked up into her instagram ;

"Oh, that regret when we stayed up late at night only for laughters and enjoyment.
Oh, that regret for all the years we have wasted enjoining entertainment. Oh, that regret how our life went on, with no good deeds to benefit from.
Oh, that regret when the sun rises and the night was over, and our hands never enjoyed the prostration in front of Allah, our feet never enjoyed the stand before Allah.
Oh, that regret when our eyes never witnessed the sweetness of the tears dropped in fearing Allah. Oh, for all that regrets, will it save us on that very day Ya Rabb?"-Someone Instagrammer.

P/s-May Allah protect her because she gave me lots of thing to think about.

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