HB, Mom !

Happy Birthday , Mom !

I hope this year will bring you lot's of happiness &
i hope that we can travel together more often than we do.

I hope you'll never changed if i get married or have a child the next 10 years later.

I hope that you never get tired with my sneaky attitude and i hope you can bear with my laziness when it's time for holiday.

You are really a wonderful mom.

Seriously, you are really a strong, indipendent woman that can take all the challenge that Allah have given you.
Your child passed away. You mother & father passed away when you reach age as i am today.
Your husband involved in car accident
No matter what, you always standing strong as it was the process of living in this earth.

I love you.
It's really.
A loves that cannot express in words nor talking.

Happy Birthday, Mom.
The next few years you'll be a 5 series ahjumma.
But still,
My love for you is eternity.

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