A sky full of stars.
I missed counting the stars.
Now, the sky is missing the stars.

I remember when i was 12, i ride a motorbike with my abah to go to my tuition class in night.
Then, when i looked up in the sky, it was full of stars.


During our ride it was really fun.
I feel the wind hits my face gently and the star shine through the path that my abah and me ride on.

A sky full of stars.
I missed those memories.
I missed the feeling to feel the wind in your hand.
I missed the stars so much now.

I hope, one day if i had enough money that i keep safe, i want to travel to Alaska.
To see Aurora in front of my eyes.
To see the beauty that God have created.
To see the sky full of stars.

My dreams.
My hopes.
My stars.

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