The Impossible

I know its sound lame but i just watched The Impossible movie. The movie was released on year 2012 but i just watched it a few hours ago. This movie will be the top 3 movies that i will choose to watch if somebody asked me opinion about what movie they should watch.
I cannot describe in word how beautiful this movie are. Seriously, i cried almost every scene from the start to the very end.
This movie was based on a true stories. It's happened in Bennett family.

How in the world one family got reunited again after a large tsunami hit the beach that they were staying that time ? But, the impossible happen to Bennett family. This stories tell us how Bennett family reunited and how hope can hold up.

Bennett family consist of Mr & Mrs Bennett with their three sons-Lucas, Thomas and Simon.
The stories began when the Bennett family goes for vacation to celebrate Christmas Eve on one of an island in Thailand. Then later, in the morning of the Christmas Eve, a large tsunami happened to hit the island. Lucas and his mom got separated from his brothers and dad. Much later on, after the tsunami calms down, in the journey to seeks help, Lucas and his mom found Daniel, 4 years old blonde kid asking for help. Lucas just want to leave Daniel there because Mrs Bennett got injured when the waves of tsunami hits her. But his mom said what happen if Daniel could be Lucas brother ? Can we just leave him alone in the dessert of nowhere ? So, Lucas and his mom help Daniel and that time one of villagers near the island saw them and give a hand to help.
If you want to know more, you can just download or watch it.

From my opinion, i love this movie. Because, i see in front of my eyes, how hard Mrs Bennett tried to live when her injuried can considered as critical. She try hard because she thinks that her husband and her two son, Thomas & Simon were dead by the tsunami. All her oldest son, Lucas have that time is her. So, she tried hard to hold on. Then, how Mr Bennett do not give up to go searching his wife and Lucas. Luckily, Mr Bennett found his second son, Thomas on top of the palm tree and his youngest son on top of some kind of tree. Then, i truly respect how Mrs Bennett asked Lucas to help others because others may need him as he was the one with the least injuries.

The Impossible teach me how to value family. Every time, every second, every minutes anything can happen. No one can predict what God have plans. Hold up hopes and never give up is the valued things i found in this movie.

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