Save Gaza.
Save Palestine.
Save Syria.
Save Roghiniya.
Save Bosnia.
Save African-Muslim.


The country that i have mention above is the country that have involved in some sort of terrorism and war for a longest time. They fight for their right and they wanted to be accepted for who they are.

Imagine- a dead body lying in front of your shelter or you can called it home.

Imagine- your mom, dad, brother, sister left you when you are only 3 years old because they died to protect their land & religion. Allahuakbar.

Imagine- the scariest moment in your life when soldier grab you and torture you the way they wanted too.

Imagine- you are left alone. When you are incapable to do NOTHING to fight back because you are just a kids.

Imagine- in front of your eyes, your sibling and parent being kill by the zionis soldier and you had to run away before they caught you.

Imagine- when you looked up to the sky, you feel scared because you felt that there is an atom or nuclear were send down from jet to destroyed your homeland.

Imagine- people around you starving because they don't have enough supply of food.

Imagine- kids younger than you had to taste the bitternest of life when they were left alone in this earth without knowing the world of happiness because they become orphan when they were just a kid.

Imagine- your children have this phobia psychology and scar mind because all they have to see in their childhood memories is blood all over the place.

Imagine dear world.

How can you let the innocent get killed ?

How can you ignore the country that seek for help ?

How can you just shut your eyes when you see unjustice like this ?

How can you laugh when the war is mostly swept all the people in Palestine ?

How can you endure looking the eyes of innocent kid that was doing nothing wrong and they were killed by the wrong person ?

How-can-you ?

I lost my younger sister when i was 14. She was my one and only sibling in this earth. I felt empty when she's gone and i feel so lost. I know the hardship losing someone dear to us. Seriously, i have been through that. It was way too dark and it so hard to accept the reality.
So, imagine when you lost someone dearly to you in your life.

Can you live alone ?
Can you fight back the devil zionis soldier ?
Can you bear your parents and siblings left this earth when they protect their homeland ?
Can you ?

Then please help the poor soul. Please... Please... & Please...
Help them through du'a.
Help them through praying.
Help them through money.
& Help them with everything you got.

Islam is not a terrorist. We do not started the war and eventually we are innocent. I am muslim. And i stand with my religion. We are not the one that created this violent whole war. What ever religion you are with, please make peace with us and stand along side with ours.


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