When they slept, He was awake.
When they broke, He held you up.
When every means failed, He saved you.
When all the creation left you, He remained.
He ALWAYS remains.
Never forget the storms pushed you to your knees and there was no one else who could help you.
He carried you.
When you were broken and swore this time it couldn'r be fixed-never forget who fixed it. Never forget how He put you back together.
That moment when you felt helpless alone, never forget who never left.
To forget this is the greatest headlessness.
No matter who or what may be beside you now, never forget those moments when it was only only Him, Allah the Greatest One.

All the words are from Bintumajid.

*She's a person who can made people cries with just a words. I cried when i read her words. It's was so beautiful that made me cry a bucket. When i'm alone i always felt that this world didn't need a person like me. So, there is one time i blamed God for everything that had ever happen. BUT now, everything changes. I should consider that the challenge God gave me is a way He showed me His Mercy, His Blessing & His Love to me.

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