Escape Wonderlost



Ignored the world.
Ignored the people.
Ignored everything.

Just be who you are and don't pretend everything is fine.

Be yourself.

Have a courage.
Have a confidence.

It's okay sometimes you felt lonely.
There is a time that you felt alone.


Do what you want to do.
Try what you want to try.

Overcome the barrier in you life.
Try and try and try to move ahead.
Try and try and try left you past self in a mean time.

Put your trust in God hands.
Put your faith.

Because i know God always listen.
God always besides us.
God always know what is deep inside our self.

I know actually you can do it.

You CAN.

Just because,
You scared to take the first step to left everything behind.
To left your current self.
To let go of your old memories.

Believe me,
Once you take the step forward.
There is no turning back.

You will wonder if you are making a mistake.
Trust me.
There is a part of yourself feel relieved and you will try harder to achieve that you have target in life.

I hope you have the bravenest to seek adventure in your life.
Open your eyes and breath the new air.

One fine day.
You will find it.
The dream that you have left behind.

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